Aug. 16th, 2011

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How else would I remember the names and altitudes of the places I've hiked to?How else would I remember the names and altitudes of the places I've hiked to?

Rest of the hike photos (a mere 10 or so!) are here.


It may have taken a full year to organize, but Spencer and I finally did another hike - Loch Leven Lakes. The pros include the fact that it was only a 1.5 hour drive from where I live in Sacramento (trust me, that's close!) in the Tahoe National Forest. The scenery was pretty nice; the lakes were super mountainy awesome. But the highlight of the eight mile trek had to be the smell of the pines roasting in the CA summer temps. The high was probably in the low 80s, but that was enough to really bring out the smell of the pines. Mmmmmm, that's all I can say. MMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMM!

On the downside of the hike was that I fell and hurt my knee. Spencer and I always (ALWAYS!) find it a challenge to actually find and stay on the trail and despite the fact that there were cairns marking the way we did get off trail a couple times (and on the way back we went in a circle a time or two, too). On one such distracted foray, we had to climb over a log and I managed to do so in a most trippy, ouchy way falling right onto my right knee. *sigh* Of course, it was right before we reached the high lake, so I had this sore knee (getting more throbby with every step) the entire way down. Let's not forget that going downhill is harder on the knees, in general, than ascending. *sigh*

It's not a debilitating pain, but it is pain-y enough that I'm skipping the gym this week. Ok, so that's a sunny side up thing. Here's hoping it's enough to heal my lil knee!

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I got my DragonCon preview thingy in the mail the other day and now that I can see a bit of who's going to be there I'm getting soooo excited!! After making all the arrangements (heh, airline tickets and all), I requested the time off and after two long months (yes, you read that right, two full months) permission from she who shall not be named finally came through. Yay!

Anyway, this is looking even better than Wondercon because at least the schedule isn't packed with comic book artists I've never heard of. Hee, I'd much rather sit through panels of doughy former Star Trek stars, anyday! ^__^


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