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I've been actively avoiding my treadmill lately, but since I'm trying to cut down on the pre-holiday corpulence (heh) I have been walking home from work a whole lot. My preferred route is to take M street most the way home. M street is delightful (cuts through the "Fabulous 40s where the Rich People live) creepily quiet (N street or, as we call it, "Folsom Blvd" is a major thruway), and underlit (their idea of light is to have one small streetlamp in the middle of the block. But only one per side on alternating blocks). Let's just say in winter months I enjoy that route if only because I get to check in and see how my night vision is holding up.

So, I doing that last night when I caught sight of another pedestrian. He was smoking so I crossed the street to avoid breathing in his trailing smoke stench. The dude also happened to be wrapped in a blanket (I usually assume blanket wrapped people are homeless, but I didn't really want to get close enough to verify via intense body odors). As I kept my beady little eyes on him, the pattern on his blanket caught my eye. It took me two blocks (remember the lack of lighting in the neighborhood) but I eventually verified that he had a Monokuro boo blanket!!! If you're not familiar with Monkuro Boo, just think of all the cutsie Hello Kitty crap only replace Kitty with black and white piggies. Adorable (or as the Japanese say KAWAII!!!!!)!!!!

Where is all this going? Well, first of all where did a potentially homeless person get such a cool blanket? Second, where can I get one for myself? But most importantly, I wanted to accost the guy and steal the blanket from him!! [Hee! Just kidding the only kind of aggression I like to sink my teeth into is the passive type.] But I just think it's funny that they guy never had any idea he was in danger of being attacked by a psycho little, Japanese kitch-loving person. Seriously, the dude might want to think twice about walking home in the dark wearing such a cool blanket. He could get hurt for it.
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On my way home from work I passed a flock (herd? gaggle? gobble?) of turkeys lurking in the field at St. Francis Catholic high school. Dude, this is why I walk! Because now I have to wonder if the turkeys were just wandering through, if they're being "raised" there, if they're aware Catholics are more likely to be eating ham or some other meat rather than turkey for Easter, or if Catholic school curriculum has changed that  much since I went to one (it's a three mile walk home from work, so I had a lot of time on my hands to wonder about these things).

I expect you to be impressed that I'm actually going to start tagging my "walks" entries. Ok, I lie. I don't expect you to be impressed. But if the contents of my walks bore you, you'll be able to skip them oh, so much easier now that they're labeled as such.


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