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I was going to write up my delightful Treasure Island Music Festival (TIMF) thoughts tonight while doing my four-hour desk shift but believe it or not I've been working. I guess I should be happy that my Wednesday nights don't entirely consist of pointing to the bathrooms... but the one time I could use some time to goof off just a wee bit. Well, I have a few moments, so I guess I'll summarize.

So, the TIMF was my first music festival ever (can I say up front that that title is just way too long? Ugh) and as far as introductions go I think it went pretty well. The island was a trifle cold and crazy breezy (I had planned on being hot during the day and just right at night, instead I was ok during the day and had frozen toes once the sun went down) and I think all the smokers took a couple years off my life (my poor lungs). Heh, and I didn't pee for 12 hours straight because I was a wee bit traumatized by the port-o-potty in the parking lot. And (one last whine), the adorable little ravers were a little pushy at some of the sets.

Otherwise, it was all good. The two-stage setup was nice because it meant we didn't have to miss a single set (although, I could have done without that white South African hip-hop duo. UGH!). Sometimes I felt a bit like a ping-pong ball bouncing between the two sets. And the main stage had the slight problem of excessive crosswind which didn't exactly enhance the acoustics of the situation. But the pretty lights on that stage more than made up for that.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good mix of artists. LCD Soundsystem was definitely my favorite (and I can't say that I was disappointed people bailed before their set - more elbow room for me, bwahahahaha) followed by Mr. Four Tet - though that guy still doesn't really "do" much on stage, his music sounds great. I've downloaded a few songs from a handful of the other artists like Deadmau5 - who I think should win an award for best light show of the festival! - and !!! (no I'm not spelling how to pronounce that).

Aside from the music, there were plenty of visual treats. The crowd-watching was out of this world fun. The art, including the glowing flowery thingies and neon demonic flamingo, was visually stimulating. And I have to say that without having the balloons to speculate about (jury is still out as to whether or not they were tethered to anything on the far end) and watch being taken down, I may have gone insane waiting in line for the shuttle back to SF.

And now, dear readers (bwhahahaahahaha) my shift is over and anything else you want to know about, you'll just have to ask ^__^

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