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Thanks, [ profile] adagiobreezes1 for inspiring me to post! I am still paying for this stupid service, so I might as well.

For about five minutes there I thought this was going to be the year I broke down and finally purchased a cellphone. Yeah, you heard me, I was thinking of getting a cellphone! After all, my stupid land line now costs me $30/month. And AT&T now graciously allows you to subscribe to DSL without a land line, though they sustain their douchy reputation by jacking up your DSL rate if you do so.

So I was procrastinating researching that whole annoyance when I started watching Lost. And then watching more Lost. Then even more Lost. So much Lost that I couldn't wait for the DVDs to arrive in the mail that I became attached at the eyeballs to my laptop as I consumed all six seasons in less than a month - mostly via Netflix's delightful Watch Instantly. Obviously what I really needed - way, way, WAY more than a cellphone - was some way to watch the internet/Netflix on my tv. I considered getting various bit of technology to attach to my 1998 era tv. Alas, in 1998 I was in college and couldn't afford a tv with any features so attaching any new bits to that was going to mean a nightmare of cords and boxes and shit.

Which all brought me to the very obvious conclusion I just need one of those fancy new tvs that has built-in internet apps wrapped in a modern type tv. So that's what I got. I now have a 26" (which is actually just a bit bigger than I was really planning on getting) LED flatscreen HD blah blah blah blah blah blah tv. Many people seem to think I have to hook my computer up to my tv to enable the interwebs, but noooo it sucks down the wi-fi from my wireless router. The whole thing was so easy-peasy that it took less than an hour to completely install. The only thing that isn't good about all this is that the sounds blows goat chuncks. I knew that going in (trust me, I did  my research) so I suppose I'll find something to spiff that up.

But overall, I'm happy to say that I've completely exhausted all needs/desires/energies to add a new hunk of modern technology to my life. It's not even about the money; it's still about the desire to not be shackled by too many modern conveniences! That cellphone is going to have to wait for at least another year. Bwahahahahaha!
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