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I'm working the weekend shift which is now a mere four-hour chunk of my weekend day (read, bloody fine way to ruin a Sunday). Ugh, I'm surrounding by people yapping on their cell phones (I'm being judgy, but they have stupid lives) and somebody is hacking away on the typewriter. Yeah, you read that, the typewriter. Thing refuses to die so we get people who use it from time to time. Anyway, rather than mope too much (and rather than get any work done), I'm going to talk about this weekend's musical fun.

Amy and I went to Berkeley Friday after work to enjoy the musical offerings of Portishead at the Greek Theatre. Actually getting to Berkeley wasn't all that arduous, though traffic was a bit slow out of Sacramento. But once we got to Berkeley the parking HELL began. Man, that town and its parking blow big huge goat chunks! Heh, we ended up wandering the streets - even ran across some government facility [Livermore Nat'l Laboratory, maybe] at one point - but we never actually found any of the mythical "event parking." We were like a mile away (ok, probably closer to half mile) when I finally found an empty curb to park at. *sigh* We had to do the walk of shame past all the frat houses (oh joy!) - an extra bit of fun on a Friday night, I'm telling you.

Anyway, the parking was so hideous that we ended up getting there quite a bit after the door opened so all the awesomely cement seating in the "bowl" part of the Greek was already taken. I didn't realize that there was open cement we probably could have stood on in front of the stage - oops!  So we ended up in the grass. Grass that had a pretty serious grade on it - felt like I was going to slide down all night. In other words, we were far, far away from the stage with no blankets and such to make the grass a friendlier place. Can you tell it was the first time I'd been to the Greek?

Despite all that whining (sorry!), I thought Portishead sounded awesome and put on a great performance. Heh, we were far enough away that my ears weren't ringing at the end of the show. Although, to be completely honest, I didn't find it a particularly "intimate" performance (probably because we were sooooo far away). But as far as sound, the design of the Greek is such that there isn't a bad "seat" in the entire place. They played quite a bit from their third album but also included all my favs from their first two. I'm now in love with their live version of Wandering Star (quite frankly, I didn't even remember that being on an album :) Yay!!! for modern times and technology. Somebody recorded it on their cellphone and posted it to YouTube and - quite coincidentally - this weekend I learned how to extract audio from YouTube videos. Not the BEST sound, but at least I can hear the rather plaintive guitar sound (wailing?) of Wandering Star anytime I want (though if they sold an official recording, I'd buy it in a second).

So, it was a delightful experience, musically. But the lesson I learned is to get to bloody Berkeley early and be prepared with blankets because even if I'd gotten a "seat," I would have needed it!

1) Silence
2) Nylon Smile
3) Mysterons
4) The Rip
5) Sour Times
6) Magic Doors
7) Wandering Star
8) Machine Gun
9) Over
10) Glory Box
11) Chase the Tear
12) Cowboys
13) Threads

1) Roads
2) Carry On

Date: 2011-12-23 04:43 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I agree with your review. The band was fantastic; I wasn't sure how they'd sound live, but it was totally worth it. I enjoyed it thoroughly in spite of my nasty cold, and the hill whose slope I will remember forever.

It did not however, change my "I hate Berkeley" opinion. I lol everytime I think of us attempting to park for the concert at Lawrence Livermore. You were a trouper, and thanks for driving.

Date: 2012-01-25 05:16 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
My guilty confession? The longer it's been since I sat on that steep hill, the better my memories of the concert get. Apparently, awesome music memories trump shitty parking memories ^__^


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